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PowerPoint Image Resolution

How To Change The Image Save Resolution Of A PowerPoint Slide In Easy 2 Steps
From Default To 300Dpi

You might have noticed; PowerPoint can be used not only for the old boring presentation slides, but for creating also stunning motion graphics and any other graphics and print materials.

I know that you may say PowerPoint is not printing at High Resolution the graphics created and cannot save videos at Full HD and 60Fps.

What will you say if I have a solution for both?

How about saving your animation in Full HD movies  at 1080p and 60Fps. Would you like to know about it?

No problem... I will create a short guide for that soon.

For now, how about setting your PowerPoint to save images at 300Dpi High Resolutions in 2 easy steps for a life time one click save, short to the point, easy to follow FREE guide.

This tutorial will teach you how to save any of your PowerPoint presentations slides into High-Definition Images at 300Dpi.

And, Yes... Your Eyes Are Not Deceiving You... 300Dpi print resolution.

The following checklist is designed to potentially help you get the results you want, whilst reducing the learning curve.


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  • Step by Step, Simple To Implement Practical Guide
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  • Recommendations On Best Settings
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