Amazing Never Seen Before Kindle eBook Covers


Amazing Never Seen Before Kindle eBook Covers
Dear Web site Owner,

Whether you like it or not, people do just a book by its cover. 

    I know that when you start a new web site project, you want to launch with a good-looking web site and a good looking 2D or 3D eBook Cover

    You want to be able to win the trust of your web site visitors with good, professional design and increase your sales.

      And I know the problem when it comes to web and eBook cover design . 

      • You can get any of those free web site graphics available on the Internet. But the truth is, they aren't any good. You and I know that. 
      • And you can buy a web site graphic from galleries, but they would cost you a bomb. Each web site graphic is no less than $10 to $50 or more. 
      • And let's not even get started with a custom design from a professional web designer. I don't think you can get a custom design for lesser than $75. Some even charge a minimum of $150 per design. 

      So for some time, my friends and I, put together a collection of UNIQUE Kindle eCover Templates in .JPG format for you to consider. With these templates, you can be sure that you will:

      • Gain the trust of your web visitors with professionally-designed eCover graphics
      • Make more sales
      • Have over 80 choices for your book eCover 
      • Have your Kindle Book eCover ready in minutes

      If I were to sell these files individually, I would charge no less than $27 each. But because I want to solve the problems that I listed above with getting a good design for your web site, I decided to lower the price.

      Now, you can get over 80 AMAIZING KINDLE eCOVER TEMPLATES for only 7.00 Bucks.

      What You Get

      • Over 80 Unique, never seen before Kindle eCovers
      • 600x800 pix, in .jpg format with no text.
      • Some have images
      • 8 Can be used in the Beauty/Spa Niche
      • The possibility to get your cover up and running in minutes. Just add text and you are ready to go.
      • No waiting time for Designer to finish your cover.
      • No learning curve for expensive Graphic Design Software
      • Use any Free available software on the internet, like Gimp or PowerPoint, Keynote to add text and pictures.

      Your Imagination is the limit on what you can do with this Kindle Unique eCover Templates Package.

      You just insert your text or add image and you have a fantastic Kindle eCover ready to upload. 

      Sadly when an offer is made that it so ridiculously cheap some people become skeptical and follow the old adage:

      "If something sounds too good to be true it probably isn't." 

      But in this case you need to take a leap of faith and trust me when I tell you this really is that good and the price really is this low.

      I could easily have sold this for between $47 and $97 but because I want to get the ability to get pro graphics into everyone's hands, and because I know if I over-deliver on this one, you'll probably come back and buy one of my other graphics pack's releases or services.

      Act Right Now
      And Get
      This Amazing Kindle Graphic Pack
      For Just...


      That is not a typo! You really get everything listed above for a single, one-off payment of just $7.00

      And best of all you will be able to download the entire graphic pack within minutes of placing your order - even if its 3 AM!

      Don't be fooled by the low price. 

      This is a quality product worth more then the price stated.

      I think is worth over $97.00 and I just might raise the price in the future to that $97.00 mark.

      So if you're interested, grab this Amazing Kindle eCover Templates Pack right now for the above low price. Think about it for a second. If you are using only one template , the full Kindle eCover Pack is already payd off.

      Over 70 are showing bellow... I try to add new ones every few months. All have generic text, just to give you an idea. 

      NO OTO

      I personally do not like OTO's. Therefore, I do not have one on my products. 


      Get This Amazing Kindle Graphic Pack
      For Just...



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